4 tips to guarantee you a good sleep! | August 20, 2020
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Can you believe that a tiny change in your daily habits could reduce your stress, help you lose weight, and make you happier? Besides, no equipment would be necessary. We are neither talking about a new magical medicine nor a miraculous therapy.

The solution? a good night’s rest.


Read on for tips on how to get your daily dose of Zzzz vitamins.

Eat some nuts before sleep

Nuts contain melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep and wake cycle also it helps us fall asleep easier. well, here’s one more reason to spread almond butter on your toast or sprinkle nuts on your salad.


Don’t take caffeine after work.


Simply refuse that cup of cappuccino or coffee after dinner. Caffeine has been shown to disrupt your body clock and people who drink it before bed loses an average of one hour of sleep each day.

Therefore, avoid all types of caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, and pain relievers) for at least six hours before going to bed.

Be sure that your room is…

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