Amy Schumer takes care of her post-partum body in a very beautiful way. Discover how she did it! | August 17, 2020
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One of the reasons we love Amy Schumer is because she makes us laugh constantly with her amazing jokes, cheering us up when we’re depressed. However, they say that comedians are the world’s saddest people, and so they defend themselves with humor from all the pain they feel. Schumer doesn’t, since it seems that she takes a very positive attitude towards her own life too.


Today is a world-famous actress.

Being a mother changes a woman’s life and stars are not left untouched by these physical changes.

For Schumer, she found the fun side of her recent pregnancy. Of course, a pregnant woman faces many challenges, such as morning nausea and all the pounds she gains, even after giving birth. But our actress doesn’t let any of these changes put her down and impact her life negatively.


Instagram publications

As new moms, many women avoid taking pictures of themselves with their bellies showing, and even more rarely post pictures on social networks, but Schumer is one of the few women who accept the changes.

A quick glimpse of her Instagram account shows that the actress is very happy and satisfied with her current appearance since she publishes many photos of herself to let women, and especially future mothers, realize that they should be proud of the changes their bodies undergo after giving birth.

Wives are like warriors during pregnancy, she says because they undergo physical changes that could very well be described as battle scars. They must, therefore, be proud and not be afraid to show them to the world, especially if they went through a cesarean section. Schumer’s baby was born through this surgery.

To pose on the beach…

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