Is vaping healthier than tobacco? read the answer.. | August 13, 2020
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Are you or someone you know a smoker? Chances that you have already become aware of the supposedly healthier option called vaping.

Vaping is a very popular alternative for smokers, so many people have switched to electronic cigarettes. Since the arrival of this new technology, smokers have turned to electronic cigarettes hoping to reduce the risks and harmful effects of tobacco on their health.

Smokers are more and more numerous to switch to it, the Inpes Health Barometer has realized that in 2014, 6% of 15-75-year-olds use electronic cigarettes, which means around 3 million people. Interestingly, even the youngest ones have already tried it, probably because of the 7,700 different flavors that exist.

The fragrances and flavors are available to please all tastes; menthol, lemon, white chocolate, dark chocolate, coca, banana … large volumes of smoke with a powerful smell, the electronic cigarette is now easily recognizable and is available everywhere!

Yet, many reported cases of lung disease related to e-cigarette…

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