Howie Mandel reveals all his secrets on how to stay young. | August 17, 2020
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Mental health problems are perceived to affect only individuals who have experienced frustrating events in their lives, for example, losing a dear one, a break-up, being fired, etc.

However, it is not always the case. Mental health problems can sometimes appear unexpectedly and affect those who have a normal perfect life, as in the case of Howie Mandel.



Mandel is the host of the American show Deal or No Deal and has been a member of the jury of the American TV show America’s Got Talent since 2010.

This Canadian actor, screenwriter, and film producer enjoy his work because, thanks to these shows, he makes others smile and enjoy the moment. He believes that the positive energy he’s sharing with others is essential for him to feel healthy and alive, a thing that is important to him now that he’s turning 63.

Never stop!

People generally lose interest in work once they reach the age of 60, and begin to prepare for retirement. However, this is not how Mandel plans to live the rest of his life.

Even though he is a busy man, Mandel always sticks to his fitness program. He believes that physical activity is not only essential for him to stay in shape but is also very important for maintaining good mental health.

He believes that since he is still unable to sit down without feeling restless, which is due to his…

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