Should pregnant women follow the Keto diet? Here’s what the experts say | August 13, 2020
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Based on the ketogenic or keto diet’s popularity over the past two years, the question must surely be asked if this diet is effective when it comes to getting healthier.

Although it can be said that this diet works well, it is important to know that it is not suitable for everyone, especially pregnant women.

There is no other way to eat properly and feed your baby every day than to follow a specific diet containing a good balance of vitamins and minerals.

You should never starve yourself when you are pregnant in any case. Experts say you need an extra 300 calories, on top of the recommended amount per day, to cover the needs of your growing baby.

Diet for pregnant women

Your body needs you to eat properly and on time during the pregnancy period, which is most effectively achieved by following a varied and balanced diet; including fruit, wholegrain cereals, non-lean protein, and vegetables. Although some women think it’s a good idea to overload their bodies with all the nutritional supplements available it can be very dangerous.

Still, you should continue to take the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor, because they are needed to fill any deficiencies you may have at the end of the day, even after eating a healthy diet.

Keeping a healthy eating habit is important for pregnant women to maintain the healthy development of their babies.

Doctors believe that the best way to eat well during pregnancy is to consume natural foods, avoiding sugar and fat-rich foods. However, this doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to eat anything that contains sugar.

It is perfectly fine to eat your favorite ice cream or any other similar food that is high in sugar or fat, but…

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