the dark period of Justin Bieber’s life and how he came out of it!! | August 13, 2020
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With a broken heart, we learned that Justin Bieber, the successful singer who conquered the world with his beautiful voice, had a serious mental health problem.

The well-known singer spoke openly and bravely about his struggles, uncovering details never before known about his mental state and drug addiction during an interview for “Vogue”. Justin Bieber grew up under the lights, with fame starting at the age of 13.

Bieber once again experienced a dark period with the overdose of the anxiolytic Xanax.

People have no idea how bad it was. I mean, it was a crazy phase. I would get up in the morning and the first thing I would do was take pills and smoke a joint so I could start my day. That just got kinda scary.” he said.

The whole world saw him as a successful singer who made good music, but in fact, Bieber was struggling with terrible drug addiction. Bieber says his addiction became so strong at one point that he would not leave his room for long periods, to the point where his security guards would break into his room during the night to see if his heart still beat.

While Xanax is dangerous in excessive amounts, it is a very common medication that health care professionals use to help patients with mental disorders to help them recover.

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