Woman kicked off the plane because of her see-through top | August 27, 2020
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Harriet Osborne, a 31-year-old British woman, and passenger with EasyJet had been asked to leave the plane she was on in Malaga, Spain, on her way to the United Kingdom.


Overly revealing outfit…

A mother and professional make-up artist on her way home with her boyfriend were not allowed to take her plane. She was kicked out because her outfit was considered inappropriate according to the cabin crew.

Harriet was wearing a black transparent low cut blouse. The clothing was so-called inappropriate for the company’s policy and its internal rules.



Crew and passenger complaints

Seemingly, the dress of this mother of two children has shocked some passengers and staff on board so much that they want to sue her. One flight attendant even called her and explicitly told her that she was not allowed to stay dressed like this in the cabin.

The thirty-year-old woman did not object, in fact, she was very understanding, she even hurried to put on her boyfriend’s sweater.

Unfortunately, Harriet did not get…

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