Yellow nails might be an alarming sign! | August 14, 2020
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Most people view their nails as purely aesthetic. While some people pay attention to their appearance, others don’t notice if something is wrong, let’s be honest, no one spends their time checking their nails because honestly, there’s not much to see!

the nail’s color, shape, texture, swelling, or a change in shape or thickness… See a dermatologist immediately because your nails are speaking to you and reflect the condition of your body.¬† It is therefore important that to be very careful as soon as their appearance changes. It’ s certainly true that some abnormalities are minor, but others can lead to chronic diseases or even cancer.

The nails must have a pink color, and if they are not, they must be examined.

This phenomenon, according to doctors, is very similar to tree-ring dating, which indicates trees’ internal health.

However, you should dismiss all possibilities that you may have, like a nail polish stain, a bitten or badly trimmed nail, the use of yellow food coloring during cooking. If the problem is not naturally caused by you, then you need to dig a little deeper and find the origin of the problem.

Consider the possibilities…

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